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Contact us today – deal is typically done within 4 weeks.

If you have employees they are probably working remotely and your company is easily run without a need for physical offices.

We understand that you, as the founder, plays an important role, and we need to be sure that the business can continue to thrive without your specialist knowledge.

Though – honestly, when it boils down to it, we need to like what you are doing. It’s got to be interesting, create value to the customers and bring something new and interesting to the market.

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So, how much £€$ can I expect?

5 easy steps in 4 fast weeks

We have a straightforward and transparent process when it comes to reviewing leads and making acquisitions, it involves the following steps:

  1. Initial lead review: At this stage we start engaging with the seller to check that the business meets our preliminary criteria regarding business type, profits, ethical and legal requirements and expected price range. Businesses that carry substantial legal risks, or adhere to questionable ethical standards get discarded at this step. We also reject businesses where profits are too low or too high to meet our current acquisition parameters, and where seller’s price expectation is not in line with current market value. From time to time we encounter good businesses that meet our criteria otherwise, however, sellers’ expected prices that far exceed what similar businesses sold for. While we value owner’s right to ask for any price they deem reasonable, we are also business people and it has to make financial sense.
    We will get back to you within a few days of your outreach.

  2. Confirming criteria: For businesses that pass the initial review, we do a more detailed due diligence and analysis to ensure they meet all the criteria outlined on this page, and we also verify financials, traffic, marketing and operational processes here. This step is intended to help us determine whether the business or website is a good fit for us to acquire and grow. Here we also request access to google analytics and google search console data, and review P&L’s, income statements and revenue verifications. Additionally we often do some background checks or research on sellers, and review the history of the business, the niche, assess the risks and opportunities. This is a fairly painfree process for you. Our team are super experienced buyers and know what to look for, and understand that keeping a sophisticated set of financial data is not your key focus.
    This is most likely 7-10 days of work for us.

  3. Offer: Upon passing all our due diligence and verifying the criteria, we can submit an offer for the business. Depending on the buyer we represent for the deal a final confirmation by investor/s may be required. In that case we always let the seller know that the offer is not final, but conditioned upon investor confirmation.
    An offer would typically come within 2 weeks of our initial contact.

  4. Agreement: Once a deal is reached and confirmed by investors, we are able to quickly move forward with the transaction, which involves signing a sales agreement for the business, which details the exact structure and terms of the purchase, and setting up a transaction via escrow.com or another service to process the deal. Our agreements are standard and very simple documents.
    It would typically take us 2-3 days to get the initial agreement put together.

  5. Closing: Most of our transactions are conducted via escrow.com, so the closing process involves us sending funds to escrow.com, them verifying the money and us transferring all the assess, and upon the completion of the inspection, confirming and releasing the funds. In some local markets escrow.com is not the best option – and we are open to alternatives.
    Closing is typically within 3-4 weeks from our initial contact.

  6. There is no point 6: At closing funds are secured in your bank and you are now free to go build your next venture.