About Us

Our Story

We are Gung-Ho about startups!

We’ve been investing in startups and entrepreneurs for many years. Mostly through KickAss Capital. We invest in early stage technology that aim to “define the next era of innovation”. It’s been a great ride with some fantastic exits (Incl. Just-Eat, OnApp & FreeAgent) and we continue to be active in the space.

Driven by innovation

We often find that true innovation comes from the small owner/founder driven business around the world. They have to be creative, imaginative, resourceful and sometimes unorthodox to get their business idea sufficient online clout when up against the bigger cash-rich competitors.

We love that – and we want to work with those founders and make sure their ingenuity does not get wasted when they move on to their next project.

Thing is, sometimes the ones with all the good ideas are not the best operators. That is where we come in.

Strong financials

GungHo Capital is backed by a strong family office with deep pockets and the ability to move fast when needed

Specialist team

We have an operational team of SEO experts, programmers and product profiles ready to ensure a successful short term transition and future growth of the acquired entities.

Operational experience

Our financial team is ready to professionalise the operation – optimise the cost base and streamline suppliers across our portfolio. This is typically the lowest hanging apple.